Embossing Plaster


With Country Chic’s clay-based Embossing Plaster you can create a beautiful texture on your piece as a whole, or form raised reliefs that look like they were part of the original piece. With a variety of colors to choose from, you can closely match the wood color of your piece.

To add a raised design on your piece, simply put a stencil on your project (we recommend using stencil adhesive to keep it in place) and apply the Embossing Plaster over the stencil using a putty knife. Once the plaster is applied all over the stencil, gently remove the stencil and be amazed at what you just created!

Do you want to create a textured finish on all or part of your project? Use a putty knife, trowel, paint brush or sponge to create interesting textures.

Embossing Plaster comes in 750 g / 1.63 lb containers, and is available in 3 colors: Creamed Honey, Praline and Roasted Chestnut.

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