Tough Coat

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Tough Coat from Country Chic Paint is specifically designed to go over our furniture paint; it provides top-notch protection for surfaces that get a lot of use, such as table tops and kitchen cabinets

This scratch-resistant, water-based topcoat has a very low odor and it will not discolor the paint. The finish is crystal clear and resistant to household chemicals, alcohol and water. It dries quickly (without staying tacky), and is environmentally friendly, with easy soap and water clean-up.

The quart size can will cover at least 100sq ft, so you'll be able to do approximately two kitchen table tops (2 coats each). The pint size covers at least one large kitchen table with 2 coats, and the sample sizes gives you at least about 15 sq ft of coverage.

Application is easiest with a foam brush. Apply the first coat and let dry completely; approximately 1 hour. Finish with a second coat for optimal protection. Let dry 24 hours before using the surface. Allow a week of cure time to develop maximum scratch and moisture resistance.

Please note: NO wax should be used underneath Tough Coat.