Lemongrass and Vanilla Body Balm

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Hydration Level No. 4
-lighter in texture than Facial Balm and Healing Balm.
-richer hydration than Menthol Balm.
Luxurious full body hydration that melts quickly to absorb into dry, parched skin. This concentrated velvety smooth butter contains a rich organic blend of Mango Butter, Aloe and Shea Butters, with pure essential oils in a crisp Lemongrass scent with a warm rich Vanilla low note.
No fillers or fragrance gives you the confidence to use on your full face or lips.
Gluten Free | Vegetarian | Cruelty Free
**This is a preservative free product. The appearance of grainy nodules is a natural occurrence of shea butter and beeswax and is completely normal in raw skincare. This product can/will melt in warm temperatures and lose it's volume, returning to it's original composition as a more concentrated body balm. To prevent melting, store in the fridge during the warmer seasons.