Star 2020


Clear Actrylic Star with white satin ribbon. 

Comes in a clear bag with instructions. 


Small - 4 inch or 10 cm wide. Perfect as an ornament 

Large - 8.5 inch or 21.5 cm wide Great for home decor

“When we hygge, we make a conscious decision to find joy in the simple things.

HyggeDane offers simple and powerful traditions and designs, made with love from Vancouver Island by a Dane.” Hygge 🖤 Dane


Hygge for all ages



 One of the acrylic stars has a small notch cut at the top of the slot allowing the two pieces to lock together.


  1. Take both pieces of your star and slide them together along the cuts.

  2. (Only for acrylic stars) To lock the two pieces together, using both hands, slightly pull the sides apart to open the notch cut, allowing the other piece to fall into place.

  3. To take them apart, hold the star upside down and gently pull apart to unlock the pieces.