5 Years

5 Years

This September it will have been 5 years since we took the plunge and decided to start Island-ish! I can remember sitting in Tim Hortons brainstorming Island-ish name ideas when we realized we had the name all along—Island-ish! 

We also chose to start a shopify website to sell our paint workshops and boot cuffs online and the entire time we have made and run it ourselves! So is it primitive and could use some tweaks...100% but it’s us and we love that it feels like us! But we do feel that we have grown and were ready for an upgrade. So cut to today and Island-ish.com Part 2 is launching today! We hope you like it! As always we will keep changing and growing, as we all should! 

We are looking forward to our first fall and Christmas in our new location at 5299 Rutherford Rd Nanaimo! 

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