We love you Nanaimo

We love you Nanaimo

We had a late hours shopping night and open house two weeks ago and we had a lot of fun handing out swag bags and meeting new people and families.  One thing that stopped us in our tracks that night  was when we were ringing up some Christmas jammies for a lovely customer and she said "It feels so good to know my money is going somewhere that matters and not some big corporation from who knows where...this is going back into the community".....I actually got goosebumps and tears and thanked her, then shared her comments with my mom and sister.  

I get overwhelmed just thinking about the truth of what she shared.  Sure, we love painting, teaching, sourcing, displaying and planning for the future, but at the heart of our purpose is providing for our families and supporting our staff.  When you come in and buy paint, a vest or Christmas ornament the profits filter through to a young Nanaimo landlord with a family who spend money locally, to my sister and I, one of us is a single mother of three and both of us live on a very tight budget, so our pay literally goes right back into the Nanaimo economy, groceries, music lessons, sports teams, supporting local school and volunteering with local youth groups and other local shops. Our local artisans are hard working people who don't get paid for their worth or countless hours, they love what they do and are gifted at their arts and share it with all of us for minimal compensation considering what goes into their pieces.  We also pay our lovely hardworking staff, two are fulltime VIU students and work part time with us to help pay their tuition which goes right back into our City.  And our first ever staff person Leah is leaving tomorrow, we can't believe this day has come, she has been working and saving to go on a mission trip with YWAM in Australia in 2016.  She has a heart of gold and we will miss her. We are so proud of our staff and how they roll with our crazinesls and learn our systems. Thank you for your part in helping them fulfill their dreams.

So we trust you all have loved your purchases over this past year, we want to honour your business by continuing to fine tune our buying of quality, unique pieces and planning new workshops, and we want to thank you for truly supporting Local! Nanaimo sincerely cares where their money goes and when you spend with us it definitely makes a difference in your community.  

  There are still a few more shopping days until Christmas and as I went to the mall today, it made me proud of our shop and what a different shopping experience it is to shop "small"  and  to realise we still have many wonderful treasures in a calm and beautiful atmosphere with sales staff who truly care about helping you find the perfect gift, whether it be a custom colour paint workshop kit in a bag, a Taylord Metals Christmas necklace, Canadian Christmas PJ's,Grace and Lace Sweater, Cable knit boot cuffs, or naturally scented Soy Candle. We would love to help you finish your search for gifts for your loved ones. But most of all thank you and we wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and blessed 2016.



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