Botanical Roller Jasmine & Neroli

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A natural infusion of rich floral notes, this evocative scent is a fresh interpretation of the exotic classic. 4 purposefully selected florals known for their meditative and uplifting qualities make this perfect for your on-the-go self care rituals.

Our signature botanical roll-ons are traditionally handcrafted with natural ingredients. Infused with the finest pure essential oils, absolutes and botanicals.

Net wt. 10ml  

Jasmine sambac | ylang ylang | neroli | jasmine grandiflorum | Grapeseed oil | jojoba oil | Coconut Oil | + proprietary blend of pure botanical oils

Roll onto your wrists, neck, behind the ears , forehead, temples.

Re-apply throughout the day and enjoy the calming aromatherapy benefits with every use. store out of direct sunlight.