Christmas Nisse Door & Ladder

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The Christmas Nisse is on a mission 

to create and collect Christmas Joy. 

Based on the Danish Christmas tradition about "Jule Nissen",  The Christmas Nisse has traveled overseas to North America to spread Christmas Joy.  

The mission is simple - Santa has sent The Christmas Nisse to their family to collect and create Christmas Joy to make his sleigh fly.


“What is Christmas Joy?  Could it be a simple hug or an act of love?”


They are quite mischievous and no-one every really sees them, but you know they are here, when the magical Christmas Nisse door appears.

​​How involved your family wants to be is all up to you.

Find a special place to pop up

your door and let the magic begin.

"Christmas is more 

than a day in December;

it's the magic and love

we will always remember."
Rikke Liffiton - Author