Lavender Home Linen and Room Spray

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Lavender Hydrosol – Home Spray

Handcrafted with: the floral water and essential oil of our hand-picked, sustainably grown, French lavender flowers (L. x Intermedia – Grosso) distilled at our farm on Gabriola Island, BC with an alembic copper still. French Lavender, also known as Lavandin, is a cross-pollinated hybrid of augustifolia and latifolia species. It produces more essential oil, and has a rich, spicy aroma that is refreshing and uplifting. Its distilled floral water and oil are anti-septic and anti-bacterial and boast beneficial properties for calming, mental soothing, relaxing, and encouraging restful sleep. It is an ideal refresher to your clothing, linens, closets, furniture, carpets, bathrooms, cars and pet beds. Lavender hydrosol is a natural insect repellent and can even be used to deter common bugs and flies on indoor and outdoor plants.