Lavender Face and Body Hydrosol


Lavender Hydrosol for Face and Body

Handcrafted with: the floral water and essential oil of our hand-picked, sustainably grown, English lavender flowers (L. Augustifolia – Hydcote) distilled at our farm on Gabriola Island, BC with an alembic copper still.

English Lavender is known for its more sweet floral notes and also for its many therapeutic uses. Our hydrosol provides all the beneficial properties of lavender for your face and body. A daily routine of applying hydrosol before moisturizing, and whenever you desire refreshing will cleanse, tone, hydrate, soothe and help to restore pH balance.  Your skin will feel revitalized  for a smoother appearance and also find soothing for dryness, itching and redness associated with eczema, sun or wind burn, insect bites, minor irritations, acne, rashes and burns.
You may find it irresistible, so enjoy generously misting yourself or your living environment for added aromatic calming, relaxing and restoring.