Raindrop necklace


My studio is nestled in the forest on my large, rural property on central Vancouver Island. My designs are inspired by all of the natural elements of the West Coast; from the waves sending ripples over the sand, to the new intricate ferns emerging from the mossy forest floor. The interconnected circles in my designs portray how we are all joined together through our own community and family circles.

I use strictly 100% recycled silver and gold to create my jewellery. I purchases all my sterling silver directly from a refinery that uses environmentally responsible practices, and that sources all their silver from; scraps from jewellery manufacturing, unwanted jewellery, electronics, dental crowns, etc. These are materials that have already been extracted from the earth. This means that landscapes aren’t destroyed, that the people living on mineral-rich lands aren’t displaced, and that Eco-systems aren’t polluted by the dirty processes of mineral mining in order for me to make my craft.