Sealuxe Facial Oils

by SeaLuxe


Our entire facial oil line, at it’s core, is capable of miraculous things. Face oils easily penetrate the skin surface and infuses it with vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that repairs, replenishes and brings your skin back to peak health.

Facial oils are the most potent part of your skin care routine and should be used as the final step or just before a moisturizer (for those with dry skin types). This grand finale act of kindness to your skin leaves a lasting layer of benefits that locks in moisture and builds a defense against harsh pollution and questionable lifestyle choices.

Marine green algae, a mineral rich marine botanical from the waters of the British Columbia, has proven plumping abilities and exceptional anti-aging support due to its beta glucan conten. It is structurally similar to hyaluronic acid giving your skin the benefit of replenishing the epidermal lipid barrier, helping pigmentation and combating free radical damage for a plump, soft vibrant complexion.

  • Nourish is a natural, active face oil, specifically formulated to have multi-correctional properties for superior skin nutrition. At the root of this oil are the bio-available ingredients- a powerhouse of 14 nutrient-rich marine algae and earth botanical concentrations. Not only will Nourish contribute to the daily repair and protection of your skin, but its texture, balance and tone may be visibly improved within the first two weeks of use.
  •  Protect is a potent blend of vitamin rich oils that helps to boost cell nourishment and increase skin’s moisture while keeping free-radicals at bay. Featuring pure seaweed and plant botanicals, essential oils and fatty acids.
  • Balance facial oil cradles the most sensitive skin types with its calming and gentle blend of skin-supporting oils. It helps to balance your natural oil production without triggering redness, inflammation or breakouts. It’s lightweight and fast-absorbing to avoid blockage or clogging of pores.