The Willow's - Westcoast Designs Earrings

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The Willows I’m granite are a perfect blend of intricacy and statement that are truly flattering on everyone. A perfect gift or a statement piece to complete any bohemian look! These intricate arched dangle earrings are made of polymer clay and set on 18kt gold plated posts. Available in three gorgeous shades- two out of three of that limited edition. 

All clay pieces are meticulously handcrafted. Because of this artisanal process, there may be slight variations from one element to another, making each piece unique!

Store in clean dry place, away from direct light/heat. Wipe clean with damp, soft cloth. Do not wear while swimming/showering. If discolouration occurs due to makeup and/or dirt/oils, wipe clean with small amount of nail polish remover/alcohol wipes - this will not damage the jewelry, as it is already sanitized with such products before delivery; if tarnishing occurs due to water/oils, use lemon juice, alcohol and/or tarnish remover.