Works Wonders Salve and Lip Balm Sets

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Handcrafted with: extra virgin olive oil, local beeswax, our own sustainably grown calendula & lavender flowers, organic essential oil of lavender, D-alpha tocopherol (vitamin E).

Our original, all-purpose Salve is ideal for all ages and skin types, and for your whole body. Its clean and time honoured ingredients offer essential nutrients for the skin to function well, like Vitamin A, CoQ-10, calcium and astringents , anti-oxidants, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Since 2004, our customers have discovered our Salve Works Wonders for:
soothing and breathable protection for dryness
improved tone and complexion
reducing the appearance of early aging lines
balancing dry or oily skin
diaper rash & cradle cap and general baby care
eczema and psoriasis
chafed and irritated skin, rough elbows, knees, and heels
sunburn and redness from exposure to the elements
cracked cuticles and finger tips
chapped or dry lips
allergy and cold rashes
minor cuts and abrasions
itchiness and insect bites
tattoo relief
…and much more!

Lip Balms

Our luscious soothing lip balms are made in small batches using our trusted Moisturizing Salve blend, gently sweetened with organic stevia or local wild flower honey. The mandarin and peppermint lip balms are flavoured using organic, natural extracts.

Our lip balms are easy to apply for long-lasting moisturizing and protection, working quickly to repair dry chapped lips.

Since we use only food quality, natural ingredients your little ones can safely enjoy these yummy lip balms. (Honey Lip Balms should not be used for infants.)