Overwhelmed and excited

What a great week!  We were thrilled to be featured in the Nanaimo Daily News; click here to read the article!  We have had so much neighborhood and community support, we feel encouraged that we are on the right path.  It was such a dream come true to find our lease space at the beach, and to have people so happy with us being down there is like wind beneath our wings.  Some of my favorite quotes overheard in the shop this past week:  " I feel like I just stepped into Pinterest, and that's a compliment!"  "You can't ever leave, ever, and I mean it!"  "You have Grace and Lace from Shark Tank?" "Where can I buy raw dog food now???"  "Mmmm, it smells so good in here!" (Thank you O'Canada Soapworks)  "This isn't beach glass, it's soap?" and the all time winner..."There's no age limit on dressing pretty, honey". There is something wonderful that happens when  women encourage other women, and we have so enjoyed painting with all of our wonderful workshop attendees and watching women try on a new addition to their wardrobe, with the encouragement of total strangers around them.  A 'must' for us was that our shop be always filled with encouragement and laughter and a little bit of coffee, and so far we are right on track with that. This upcoming week we begin some fun new workshops on adding extra flair to your furniture and a new "bare bones" workshop for those of you that are short on time or just like to get down to business. Check us out on facebook or message us to find out more!


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