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Shannon here.  When Kelly, mom and I started this venture last Fall, it stemmed from our love of creativity and enjoying beautiful, affordable things.  That included revamping current pieces in our homes as styles and inspiration changed - that's how we were raised!  Mom was always repainting something...then we found Country Chic paints. Be still my heart!  This chalk and mineral based paint took our creativity and the QUALITY of our "re-vamping" to a whole new level!  They had me at their colour palette. My creative heart was bursting with the endless options offered.  So, did we get playing!  ...And painting and creating and pinterest-ing and did I mention painting?  This led to others falling in love with it as well, and us offering workshops in our home until we finally had our beautiful little beach shop here at Island-ish.

 Well, we've been open 7 weeks and I FINALLY got to get back to REALLY painting this last week.  It is REALLY hard for a creative, not so organized person to go that long without creating while having to be organized, I was definitely going through withdrawl!  Don't get me wrong, it's been fabulously fun getting going at the shop and doing workshops etc, but I was craving to get my hands on my paintbrush and some of the new products and totally transform a piece.  Ta Da!  An antique grammaphone table came across my path 2 weeks ago and I knew as soon as I saw it and it's clean simple lines that this was the piece for me.  Oh the joy of considering all the colour options and combinations and finally deciding on what you want - I ended up going with Simplicity White, Pebble Beach and Hurricane, I figured this can go in almost any colour palette and not get too busy with all of the other things I had in store for this piece...  I had a blast using the new embossing plaster and floral stencil to create a raised shabby chic effect on the top, but my absolute favourite part is the mouldings I added to the front of the lid and both of the cupboard doors.  (Stay tuned soon for a post about these, but I can say that some little shop may just be stockists for these Chic Mouldings from England)  They worked out flawlessly and looked brilliant once distressed.  (They say brilliant in England, so I thought it fitting, lol)  Finished it off with a mixture of the Country Chic Natural beeswax and white wax and some sweet crystal knobs (the original hardware is included inside for posterity).

LOVE this piece, it's hard to sell and say goodbye to them, but also fun to make room for the next ....  

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