Say what???..Island Savings Best Island local retail store

Say what???..Island Savings Best Island local retail store

WOW! SOOO humbled and grateful to receive this honour again this year from Island Savings who beautifully support local all over the Island, and thanks to all of you! We LOVE what we do and it’s been such a joy getting to know you all and having a little part in your lives the last three years. We also have to thank our incredible staff who enable us to keep all the wheels turning on this wild and wonderful bus!
While we enjoy this holiday season we’re also looking forward to planning new workshop series, finding new artisans and enjoying life at the Beach.

**Being Island-ish is a lifestyle where you don’t need to try to be someone you’re not or make excuses for who you are. You’re all beautiful and unique and we love living in a place where we can celebrate that! 🌊🐚💕
XO ~ Shannon & Kelly
#grateful #thankyou ! #beyou #beislandish

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