This is us...

This is us...

Can you relate?  Today is our 3rd anniversary!  If you know me you know I LOVE a good celebration - including treats and giveaways and sales and music and balloons and, and, and.... ;-)

This year tho - ugh.  We are in survival mode - the terrible flu has gone through our family, we've all had turns at Dr's and Hospitals for different tests this week. Kelly and Leanne have taken care of the shop amazingly but it's a week I'd not like to repeat...ever...

So celebrating is on hold until we're better, probably next week, I had to give myself a wake up call and not feel sorry for ourselves because others have it much worse and this is just a season. As much as I'd love to portray the perfectly cool and put together, Island Girl persona, that just isn't us right now.  

Life is a big mix of wonderful and awful moments, and it's how you deal with them that makes them you and yes, I'm rather a fan of the show "This is Us" because of that - I think it's a good portrayal of doing life.  Ups and downs and all arounds and figuring it out.  We relate to the show all too often, and love to see the joy and hope and silliness. 

So today we're celebrating in our hearts while our INCREDIBLE staff and friend Leanne lovingly takes care of the shop.  I even made a sign to remember that whatever we go through in life, This. is. us.  Happy 3rd Anniversary Island-ish!  XO, Shan

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